This is a selection of pictures where you can see me from several viewpoints. It also illustrates my career.
First of all, here you can see me receiving the Prize City of Barcelona for Science, 1991 (Premi Ciutat de Barcelona de Ciència i Tècnica). This was granted to my work on the possibility of non-singular cosmological models within General Relativity. As you can see, the prize was handed to me with the presence of the former (and most famous) mayor of Barcelona, and also former president of the Generalitat de Catalonia: Pasqual Maragall.

Nevertheless, my vocation has never been Physics exclusively. In particular, I have always been fond of acting and dancing, specially with female colleagues. As an example, here you can see me at the theatre introducing the cabaret girls:

Of course, this was only one of my performances. For instance, another example is given by my starring role as a caliph with a 5-women harem, as you can appreciate in the following picture

You may wish to notice that these actresses have taken out their bras. This was the "big finale" of our performance, which is enrigestered in a famous video available ... in some specialized places.

Some artists have also considered appropriate to give their view on my person by means of caricatures. Thus, for example, the distinguished comic spanish artist Ivà made the following caricature representing me with a lot of cops. The drawing is made on the first page of my copy of one of Ivà's most famous books, about his notable and revolutionary character "Makinavaja".

The legend above is in spanish, but in the very particular and funny spanish used by Ivà's characters. Thus, it is very difficult to make a faithful translation. The idea is something like this: "Bloody 'ell, it's very good 'avin' a beard these democratic days; cops don't bother me. Fortunately, they just keep provokin' gipsys and gays". And the cops say: "Let's catch 'em". Of course, this is a satirical view of past and present times in Spain.

Another famous cartoonist, Óscar, made also a curious caricature where you can see some other apsects of my personality (?)

If you are fond of comics, don't forget visiting my comic links page, and specially the link there to el jueves, the only (and best!) satirical weekly magazine remaining in Spain. There, you can see the works by Ivà, Óscar and many, many others.

But I also have got hidden vocations.... Among those confessable publicly I have chosen my work for spanish TV. Look for yourself:

And this is the way my colleague Prof. Pedro F. González Díaz sees me:

That's all, folks. Next day, more!!