My name is Ruth Lazkoz, and I am a lecturer at the Dept. of Theoretical Physics and History of Science of the University of the Basque Country. I work at the Faculty of Science and Technology of that institution, which is located on its Leioa Campus, near Bilbao.   


I work on several aspects of Cosmology, but I am mainly concerned with acceleration in the Universe (dark energy and inflation). My work involves actitivities like setting observational constraints on the equation of state of dark energy, studying cosmic acceleration from the dynamical systems perspective, and exact/approximate modelling of cosmological histories with/or without singularities. 


I like travelling, playing golf (although I am just a beginner), reading novels (victorian ones specially), investing (not much) on the stocks market, listening to opera and Luis Eduardo Aute, growing african violets (and other plants) and baking cakes.

September 09, 2007